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Big Wave Wine Bottling Fees, Charges, Policies, Terms & Conditions as of June 1st, 2016 Price:

Big Wave’s price for bottling is the aggregate of the Bottling Service Charge, the Set-Up Fee, Line Change Fees (if applicable), Overtime Charges (if applicable), Filter Charges, and Specialty Bottling Charges (if applicable), which are as follows.

1. Bottling Service Charge:
Full service – sparge, fill, close (cork and foil or screw cap) and label –see pricing sheet.
or Limited Service – bottling shiners and/or labeling/foiling shiners – see pricing sheet.

There is NO minimum bottling service charge for one day. A normal bottling day should result in approximately 500-800 cases bottled, depending on changes. Since we service smaller wineries, the daily production will be effected by the number of changeovers and different wines bottled.

2. Set-Up Fee:

$300.00 applicable to the first day of bottling at each new location.

$150.00 for label only jobs.

3. Line Change Fees:

See Pricing sheet

4. Overtime Charges:

Our goal is to complete all daily jobs, if we have to stay late to finish, we will. Overtime charges are imposed at discretion of Big Wave’s on-site bottling manager and may be waved in appropriate circumstances.

5. Filter Charges:

Filters used in bottling the Client’s wine are charged to the Client. Client may retain their filters after filling. We have usually have sterile used filters which can be used at reduced rate. New filters are charged at market rate to clients, who can retain their filters after filling.

6. Specialty Bottling Charges:

There may be additional charges for bottling unusual bottle shapes or sizes, or for other non-normal bottling that requires additional time, slower bottling line speed or special conditions. Client should consult with Big Wave in advance if non-normal bottling service will be required.

7. Additional Client Obligations:

Client must provide Bottling Truck Labor as described under Big Wave Bottling Terms and Conditions.
Full Service Bottling includes bottle sparging with nitrogen or argon gas as well as vacuum gravity filling, vacuum corking or screw cap application, manual capsule application, foil spinning, and pressure sensitive labeling. Automatic case sealing is also provided.

8. Bottling Truck Labor:

Client shall provide at least 3 workers (4 if using capsuled bottles) employed by Client to assist in the bottling process, including one forklift operator with forklift.
Cases are billed as 12 bottles per case for 750mL and 375mL and 6 bottles per case for 1.5L.

9. Electrical:
Big Wave requires a dedicated circuit of 30 amp 3 phase 240 volt service. If your site cannot provide these services, we can quote you portable power costs.
Big Wave’s truck carries 100 feet of wire and must be located within 100 feet of power source.

10. Access:
Big Wave utilizes a 24 foot long trailer with pick up. The winery must provide enough room to maneuver the trailer and have level area approximately 80 feet long and 12 feet wide in which Big Wave can set up and bottle. Big Wave must be allowed access should a site survey be required prior to bottling.

11. Water:
Big Wave requires clean potable water supplied with a minimum of 30 PSI and 9 GPM. Normal water hose outlets serve well.

12. Supplies:
Client is expected to have all supplies on site approximately 10 days prior to scheduled bottling. This includes glass, corks, screw caps, capsules, labels, etc. We know this doesn't always happen, but if we have to wait for supplies to arrive at site, customer will pay standby costs. Samples of packaging components should be available to Big Wave ten days before scheduled bottling. Big Wave is not responsible for any packaging materials that are substandard, unclean or otherwise out of specification.

13. Sparging:
Client agrees to schedule the delivery of one nitrogen or argon dewer for every 1500 cases when using corks or screw caps.

We get about 350+ cases from a full cylinder.

14. Labeling

All labels should be ordered with left edge of a label leading, commonly referred to as “#4”. Roll diameter can be 13”, with a core size of 3”. Maximum label height is 7.25 inches.
Client should provide label sample to Big Wave 10 days prior to the scheduled bottling date. Client must submit an example for proper label placement. Heavy glass and large labels sometimes have irregularities due to imperfections in glass and/or labels.

15. Wines:
All wines must be bottle ready before Big Wave’s arrival. In-line pad filtration is not advised in series to the bottling truck. The filtration available in-line with bottling truck is meant as a last step safety before the wine is bottled and should not be relied on as a source for primary filtration.
Wines must be at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit before entering the bottling line. This reduces fill level fluctuation due to expansion and reduces condensation on bottles which interferes with label application.

16. Filters:
All filters supplied by Big Wave are purchased from an unaffiliated filter distributor. Client acknowledges that Big Wave makes no guarantee as to the effectiveness of any filters supplied to Client by Big Wave, and Client agrees to waive any and all claims against Big Wave with respect to any and all problems arising from the use of any such filters.
Big Wave stocks a number of filter cartridges. However, Big Wave does not carry all of them all of the time. Client is responsible for ordering filters at the time the winery makes its reservation with Big Wave.

17. The Process and Quality Control:
Client is responsible for supplying bottling support personnel. (3 for normal bottling, 4 for tapered bottles.) That includes one forklift driver.
Client should have the means to hook regulated nitrogen (4PSI) to the wine hose to push wine to the bottling truck at the end of each varietal.
Big Wave may revert to an hourly rate for downtimes due to winery related problems. This includes packaging materials not being provided in a timely fashion, poor wine filtration, shortage of labor, or any other winery operation as it affects the speed of the bottling line.

Terms of Liability

Big Wave Wine Bottling

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Customer Agrees to fully exonerate, indemnify, defend and save Big Wave Wine Bottling Inc., and its officers and employees harmless from or against all claims or actions (and all expenses incidental to the defense of any such claims or actions) arising out of loss, damage or injury to bottled product or persons other than Big Wave’s employees in connection with, or arising directly from the operations to be carried out hereunder. This shall apply to all claims, losses, injury, and/or other damages.
We assume that the winery carries statutory workers’ compensation insurance (applies only to personnel furnished by the winery) for the period covered during your bottling dates.
Quality Control
Big Wave is constantly monitoring equipment functions and packaging materials to insure overall packaging quality; however, the winery’s designated representative is responsible for insuring the overall quality control of the wines and packaging. The winery's designated representative is responsible for okaying the O2, fill height, cork insertion, vacuum levels, proper label placement, overall packaging quality and accuracy in a timely and regular basis. In the event of a problem, the winery’s designated representative is responsible for immediately communicating the situation to Big Wave’s staff. We believe that quality control is everyone's job.
Library Wines
Big Wave will withhold approximately one bottle per hour and retain them for quality assurance purposes. We will not retain any samples for label only projects. Bottles are only held for a two month period.